[kaffe] Re: flestmail - daily - 365/365 passed (100.0%) (0 errors, 0 failures)

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Wed Oct 2 23:53:24 PDT 2002

I wrote:
> In exception.c I changed:
> 	if (pc < start_pc || pc > end_pc) {
> 	       continue;
> 	}
> to:
> 	if (pc < start_pc || pc >= end_pc) {
> 	       continue;
> 	}

I've checked this change in.  I still think a pass needs to be made
through the pc manipulation code (as Tim Stack pointed out in
subsequent mails) to remove various bogus -1s.  However, the patch
fixes a problem that is annoying the nightly regression tests.

I also added a new test case 'CatchLimits.class.save'.  This is
compiled from 'CatchLimits.j' which is a Jasmin bytecode assembler
file.  It tests throws at the limits of exception ranges (just before
and just after the start/end).  The test passes in all builds of Kaffe
now (and it failed in the interpreter builds), so I've got a bit more
confidence in this fix.

Hopefully the nightly regression tests will start being more useful
(and more prompt) now.


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