[kaffe] SPEC JVM98 Failure with current CVS Sources

Kevin D. Kissell kevink at mips.com
Thu Oct 3 07:45:18 PDT 2002

I refreshed my kaffe.org sources today to pick up Pat's 
latest check-ins (which allowed me to get rid of my local
patch to exception.c), and rebuilt my MIPS/Linux
interpreter.  Using the 1.0.7 sources with my previously
posted patch applied, I had been able to get the full
set of SPEC JVM98 benchmarks to run, albeit not
very quickly, as the MIPS JIT build isn't quite right

The new build from CVS (with my MIPS patch)
passes all the regression tests, including the new
CatchLimits.class.save test, but it fails the SPEC
JVM98 _200_check sanity check, on the 
testObjectArray test, blowing out with:

java.lang.ArrayStoreException: not arrays

This arose from an invocation of 
java.lang.system.arraycopy() by the SPEC code.
I'd provide the whole exception backtrace, but
the applet console window doesn't allow me to
cut and paste to an Xterm. :-(  I hope that this
clue would be enough to tell someone who had
made relevant mods between 1.0.7 and today
where they should re-check their work.

When I overrode the sanity check and forced
the test harness to run the benchmarks anyway,
they all run to completion, mostly with the
same elapsed time, though interestingly,
one of them (mtvt) slowed down by 10%.

I cannot redistribute my copy of the SPEC
code, of course, but I'd recommend that as
many kaffe developers as possible arrange
to get a copy, at least of the JVM98 client-side
Java benchmarks (the server benchmarks are
much more expensive for some reason).


            Kevin K.

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