[kaffe] AWT Toolkits

Steph Meslin-Weber twiun at adorphuye.com
Sun Oct 20 09:43:16 PDT 2002

Hi everyone,

I've sucessfully compiled kaffe-1.0.7 on the ipaq cluster at handhelds.org
(easier than trying to get my xcompiler working right) and I'm now able to
continue with my project...

BUT - you knew it was coming, right? - but my project is a non-native AWT
implementation. After several looks at the sources, it seems that Kaffe
expects the awt to be native... The static initialiser of Toolkit.java has a
non-conditional System.loadLibrary("awt") call in it. And I can't see any
reference to the awt.toolkit system property...

My question now is, am I right? Are implementations required to be native?



P.S. my implementation works fine on the Jeode VM and if it wasn't for a bug
in Sun's j2me it would work fine on there too (at least it loads ;-)

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