[kaffe] Typo in config-signal.h?

Jose M. Gomez ilinsar at jazzfree.com
Fri Oct 25 04:30:44 PDT 2002

Hi everyone,

Just looking at the code I think I saw a typo in line 48 in config-signal.h. 
This is from the CVS version, although I haven't checked out in a week (lazy, 
lazy). I suppose it is a doesn't have much importance and probably it doesn't 
affect any platform as it haven't been seen before. 

Here is the code:

44 #define sigprocmask(op, nsig, osig) sigsetmask(0)
46 #else
48 #define sigprocmark(op, nsig, osig)

Sorry for not sending a patch file, but it is such a minor thing that I 
couldn't get myself to use it as a excuse to finally learn how to generate 
proper patch files. 

Jose M. Gomez

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