[kaffe] Problem with garbage collection and p-threads

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Fri Oct 25 06:44:16 PDT 2002

Hi Josef,

--- Josef_Nordangård <Josef.Nordangard at ascomtateco.se>
> Hi!
> The garbage collection is not working properly when
> an application using JNI is running. There is simply
> no collection of no-longer-used memory at all,
> instead the entire process is frozen when the gc
> should start. Kaffe is build with p-threads due to
> our native code is using p-threads. 

thanks for the bug report. Could you take a look at
FAQ.debugging, configure kaffe with --enable-debug and
fire up the gdb to see where kaffe is hanging?

> Is there anyone who has used p-thread compiled kaffe
> together with JNI? Is this supposed to work? If not,
> how much work would it take to fix it?

It would be great if you could try to fix pthreads
support in kaffe. A couple of regression test still
fail on i386-linux, if I recall it correctly, and
that's always a bad sign.

best regards,

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