[kaffe] DataInputStream related merge

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Mon Oct 28 07:36:02 PST 2002

> > This remaidns me of a related optimization issue, is
> > there any kind of
> > plicy/guideline on native code vs. Java in the
> > default lib? It seems
> > implemnting at least some of the more trivial IO
> > classes in native code
> > could yield significant speed-ups for them.
> There is no policy as far as I know. I tend to prefer
> to do things in Java, as that is easier to maintain
> for me, and avoids all the auto* trickery as much as
> possible (broken strtod, memove etc. functions on
> different platforms). 

Ultimately, it would nice if Kaffe's JIT was smart enough to produce
machine code for stuff written in Java that was just as fast as C code. 
So given that, I think my personal preference is to see a Java
implementation whenever possible.  In certain cases, it might make sense
to implement things both ways - once with a pure Java implementation,
and once with a native implementation, and make it a configuration
option.  That would be especially nice, since we'd be able to "bake off"
the two implementations (which would be especially fun for the JIT
enthusiasts out there).


 - Jim

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