[kaffe] Kaffe being removed from debian?

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Wed Oct 30 00:55:05 PST 2002

Hi Stuart,

--- Stuart Ballard <sballard at netreach.com> wrote:
> http://lwn.net/Articles/14019/ is the latest Debian
> Weekly News, and 
> includes in passing a mention that Kaffe will be
> removed from Debian for 
> being unmaintained.

The maintainer (Ean Schuessler) is back from vacation
and has uploaded a 1.0.7 package:
as well as fixed a few bugs (scroll to the bottom):

There was a non-maintainer package for 1.0.7, too,
made by Marco Nenciarini, who also offered to step up
the plate to maintain the package, if Ean was MIA.

As Ean's back at it, I don't see a reason to worry.
There seems to be a lot of interest in the debian
community to keep kaffe in debian, especially as it
was seen as a way to get more free java software into

best regards,

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