[kaffe] Kaffe Serialization fixes

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Thu Oct 31 09:49:33 PST 2002

I just checked in a fairly large update to Kaffe that brings
serialization support from 1.1-level much closer to 1.4-level.  Many
of the more esoteric serialization features (useProtocolVersion,
customization through subclassing, shared/unshared objects, security
checks) are still not implemented.  But, the useful new feature (and
motivation for this) is the ability to write
serialization-compatibility code in pure Java (look at HashMap or
BigInteger for examples).

It passes a FullTest.sh run on my Linux/x86 box.

Here's the todo list for serialization-related items (its in
     * TODO:
     * support useProtocolVersion 
     * writeReplace / readResolve
     * enforce context restrictions on reset()
     * "unshared" objects
     * Strings larger than 64K
     * Better exception chaining/reporting
     * Security checks
     * Support overriding implementation: writeObjectOverride, no-arg constructor, etc...
     * Support for dynamic proxy classes??
     * "AnnotateClass" support
     * Do inner classes serialize correctly?
     * Replace all the native methods with pure Java (and lots of reflection).


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