[kaffe] Re: flestmail - daily - 365/365 passed (100.0%) (0 errors, 0 failures)

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Tue Sep 3 12:24:29 PDT 2002

Hey Dalibor,

Sorry I haven't had time to look into the Kaffe problems.  

> Any idea where the pclose failure might be coming from? I see no
> such failures under i386-linux.

I think the pclose failure is coming from the testsuite.

But, I think its having problems because Kaffe is hanging in the
ThreadInterrupt test.  There is a ThreadInterrupt.fail in both intrp
trees that contains only:

	Success 0a.

That implies that t.interrupt() succeded, but that (perhaps?) the
t.join() didn't work?   ThreadInterrupt seems pretty sleep-sensitive
(though with a 1sec granularity).  Perhaps the machine is thrashing
hard enough to cause a problem during this test?)

Oddly the timestamp on the .fail file is 3+ hours after the associated
.class files were constructed.  (Hmm, perhaps the testsuite kills the
master Kaffe TestSuite process and moves on, but the TestSuite doesn't
actually kill the blocked VM.)

I'm running a FullTest here on a FreeBSD box, to see if the problem
occurs there.


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