[kaffe] assertion failed, !INTS_DISABLED()

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Mon Sep 9 17:24:16 PDT 2002

Platform: OpenBSD 3.1 x86, Kaffe 1.0.7, running Freenet snapshots.

After several hours, Kaffe/Freenet crashed with:
assertion "!INTS_DISABLED()" failed: file "exception.c", line 386

#0  0x400fa557 in kill ()
#1  0x400fa468 in abort ()
#2  0x400b5917 in __assert ()
#3  0x4002a6e0 in dispatchException (eobj=0x17b7f58, baseframe=0x222f2a0)
    at exception.c:386
#4  0x4002a900 in floatingException (frame=0x3c5da8) at exception.c:527
#5  0x4006313c in nullException (sig=11, code=3956248, ctx=0x3c5dc8)
    at signal.c:87
#6  0xdfbfdfd3 in ?? ()
#7  0x40047acd in walkObject (collector=0x400766e0, base=0x4c6e38, size=24)
    at gc.h:134
#8  0x4002d404 in gcWalkMemory (gcif=0x400766e0, mem=0x4c6e38)
    at mem/gc-incremental.c:393
#9  0x4002d608 in gcMan (arg=0x400766e0) at mem/gc-incremental.c:504
#10 0x40045e1c in startSpecialThread (arg=0x3b31a0) at thread.c:273
#11 0x400604c4 in start_this_sucker_on_a_new_frame () at jthread.c:1252
#12 0x400605e2 in jthread_create (pri=11, 
    func=0x40045de8 <startSpecialThread>, daemon=-541076212, 
    jlThread=0x40045ae9, threadStackSize=1074027131) at jthread.c:1322
#13 0x40045ac8 in createThread (tid=0x3b31a0, func=0x40045de8, 
    stacksize=16384, einfo=0xdfbfd58c) at thread.c:121
#14 0x40045ec3 in createDaemon (func=0x4002d4e0, nm=0x4002e8ff "gc", 
    arg=0x400766e0, prio=11, stacksize=16384, einfo=0xdfbfd58c) at thread.c:312
#15 0x4002e97b in gcEnable (collector=0x400766e0) at mem/gc-incremental.c:1093
#16 0x4001e354 in initialiseKaffe () at baseClasses.c:211
#17 0x400337c7 in JNI_CreateJavaVM (vm=0x4190, env=0x4300, args=0x4194)
    at jni.c:167

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