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Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Tue Sep 17 11:42:57 PDT 2002

Timothy Stack wrote:

> For the jitter, this gets set by buildStackTrace in stackTrace.c:
>         info[cnt].pc = STACKTRACEPC(trace);
> So, it uses the return pc found in the stack trace, which corresponds to 
> the next instruction to execute.

er, spoke too quickly.  For a synchronous interrupt and subsequent 
exception, this will be the current instruction.  But, for a regular 
throw, it will be the next pc.

But, the i386 freebsd and linux exception frame initializers add a one 
to the current pc:

/* Get the first exception frame from a signal handler */
	(f).retbp = (c)->sc_ebp;				\
	(f).retpc = (c)->sc_eip + 1

> tim stack


tim stack

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