[kaffe] DefaultSerialization

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Wed Sep 18 18:54:37 PDT 2002

I wrote:
> I've fixed Hashtable, Hashmap and BigInteger to use
> readObject/writeObject to generate sun-compatible serializations
> (haven't tested it too much yet, but I don't forsee any major
> problems).

Hah.  I didn't fully understand how bizarre and complicated
serialization can get, and the problem is bit more complex.  It turns
out the that right way to solve these problems is by using the
ObjectInputStream.GetField and ObjectOutputStream.PutField hackery.
However, none of that per-field serialization magic is implemented in
Kaffe.  So, I'll just push the current work on my personal Kaffe
stack, and fix GetField/PutField....

Anyone know if PocketLinux has any improvements to Kaffe's
serialization I should be looking at?  (Also, any idea where to get a
pocketlinux source distro now that pocketlinux.{com,org} is gone?)


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