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Hi Antonio,

--- "Neiva,_Antonio_Ward_Canguçu"
<ANTONIO.NEIVA at oxiteno.com.br> wrote:
> Good morning team!
> I uninstalled my Jeod Java and installed the Kaffe
> in my iPAQ with CE 3.0
> because in General Paranoyaxc Software site is said
> that is possible to
> compile on device and Jeod Java is only a VM.
> I would like to know how can I download a manual or
> which are the lines
> commands I have to do to make my goal.

kaffe comes with a java compiler written in java
called kjc. Run kjc --help for options and visit
www.dms.at/kopi for more information on kjc. Jeode
might be able to run kjc, too, as it is written in
java exclusively.

happy hacking,

dalibor topic

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