[kaffe] MIPS Port, Revisited

Kevin D. Kissell kevink at mips.com
Fri Sep 27 12:00:40 PDT 2002

[I had forgotten which of my email accounts was registered with the mailing list.
 There's a copy of this message that was sent from my paralogos.com account
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Back in July, I was working a bit on kaffe for MIPS/Linux
and reporting stuff to this mailing list.  I've been off working
on other, more urgent projects since then, but I had a reason
to go back into the kaffe sources today, and I found and fixed
another potential problem (with MIPS/Linux signal handling).

My build seems to work fine in interpreted mode
(.configure --with-engine=intrp) and is down to failing
5 out of 115 regression tests with jit3 enabled.  I don't
know when I'll be able to hunt down and kill those
last bugs, but to prevent people from re-inventing the
wheel (or perhaps more accurately, re-patching the
flat tire), I attach the diff output between the 1.0.7
baseline and my working build.  As you can see,
the changes are pretty small, and mostly have to
do with stack frame setup, signal interfaces, and
some inconsistencies in the setup of the debug code.
Of particular interest to some will be my shot at
fixing the COMPARE_AND_EXCHANGE macro
in config/mips/common.h.  Between that semaphore
fix and the signal fix, the random regression test 
failures I was seeing with the JIT builds seem to
have gone away, and I'm down to reproducable

My Grand and Glorious Goal remains to have a
patch that can be applied to the 1.0.7 (though maybe
it will be 1.0.8 by then :-) refernce drop that will
build 100% functional kaffe for both vanilla MIPS
Linux and the Playstation 2, but from the emails
that I've been seeing on various lists, it's probably
worth sharing what I've already got.


            Kevin K.
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