[kaffe] m68k w/ custom OS

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Tue Apr 1 06:42:01 PST 2003

Hi Jan,

--- Jan Sobota <hermez at microtech.softax.com.pl> wrote:

> I'd like to port kaffevm to m68k architecture, but
> my operating system is
> different from those listed in config/m68k/ or in
> config.sub .

it's not even in config.sub? Uh, that's going to be
fun ;)

As Tony said, the more unix-like it is, the better for
your porting effort. If it is similar to one of the
operating systems kaffe already runs on, you can start
by mixing and matching bits from that platform and
m68k. You should take a look at Edouard's docs on
porting kaffe on
http://egp.free.fr/port-kaffe/port-kaffe-0.2.html ,

> i'd like to do it as quick as possible:)

Pick an OS that already works ;) 

On m68k, that would be linux & amigaos, where Tony has
been doing a lot of good work recently.

> my OS is embedded in CE-device, is specific to this
> device.

Are you allowed to name it? Is there a gcc-toolchain
for it? If there is no gcc toolchain for it, then
chances of getting a port done quickly, are rather
small, as kaffe uses on some gcc-isms in some cases.

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