[kaffe] gc_free vs. KFREE

Marc Kleine-Budde kleine-budde at gmx.de
Wed Apr 2 06:34:01 PST 2003

On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 06:05:39AM -0800, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> > Okay. Remeber never mix gc_* and K* calls. But if
> > you have a look at the
> > CVS-sources $KAFFE/libraries/clib/native/ZipFile.c
> > lines 26-36. The mem
> > for the str is alloced via KMALLOC, but later freed
> > with gc_free. It
> > this a bug?
> Yeah, I think so. I've attached a patch to fix it,
> (and a similar case below). could you give it a try,
> and see if it breaks anything?

Thanks for the patch, in my project it works, but I can't do serious
tests yet cause some important parts are missing :)

regards - Marc

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