1.1.0 wishlist (was: Re: [kaffe] Next release)

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 10 11:15:01 PDT 2003

Hi Daniel,

--- Daniel Bonniot <Daniel.Bonniot at inria.fr> wrote:

> Is there a timetable for the next release of Kaffe?

I'm not aware of one. I could offer a wishlist

Things I'd like to see get in before next release:

* features:

+   qtopia support (patch is on list, waits for me to
test it and merge it in)
+   support for 1.4 style stack traces (from GNU

* non-essential features:

+   more documentation: switch to DocBook, generate
man pages for tools, write FAQ.cross-compilation,
FAQ.benchmarking, merge in Edouard's porting guide.
+   pure_java variants of some class libraries,
namely java.util.zip, dns support
+   support for security policies

* fixes:

+   fixes for make dist / make distcheck
+   fixes for serialization to let the Jython
installer run
+   fixes for remaining Freenet problems
+   fixes for any remaining XSmiles problems
+   fixes for other remaining bugs reported on list
(mostly AWT stuff, I believe)
+   fixes for mauve failures on core classes
+   fix 1.2 style class loading
+   any platform specific fixes
+   merge jit source docs from Helmer

* merges:

+   Classpath's collections (to be able to run
japitools on kaffe), and java.sql
+   more goodies from janosVM improvements to core VM
+   powerpc jit3 from janosVM.
+   more regression tests from janosVM
+   Svante's jit3 for ia64 and Gwenoles ia64
improvements from Mandrake
+   any other platform specific merges

note that this is *my* wish list, not someone else's,
so it's very much biased to what I'm working on
(mostly class library developement at the moment).

I'd be interested to hear from others what you think
remains to be done until the next release. And keep
the patches coming in ;)

dalibor topic

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