[kaffe] Re: Future of extension libraries (Was: Re: [kaffe] NoSuchMethodError: javax/servlet/ServletContext.setAttribute)

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 22 02:13:01 PDT 2003

Hi Jim,

--- Jim Pick <jim at kaffe.org> wrote:
> Personally, I think that the core Kaffe package should leave out any
> extension libraries that aren't in Sun's JDK.  We should drop some of
> the current extensions that are in there now that aren't in Sun's JDK.

That sounds good to me. I'd prefer to move the extensions into their own CVS
module, than completely drop them.

If you agree, could you move the kaffe/libraries/extensions/{comm, servlet}
sources into their own CVS module (kaffe-extensions)? sound is not really an
extension (since jdk 1.4), so it should go into libraries/clib. The Microsoft
extension code should go into the new module. I'm not sure about the PJava
stuff, though.

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