[kaffe] RFC: New kaffe mailing lists

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Thu Apr 24 08:30:01 PDT 2003

Here's my thoughts on the mailing lists...

At this point, I don't really consider the kaffe at kaffe.org list to be
high traffic.  Same days there are a dozen emails, some days there are
none.  Contrast that with the Linux kernel mailing list.  :-)

If it grows to the point that it gets out of hand, then we can look at
measures, such as establishing more lists, imposing rules, etc. 
Frankly, I'm more concerned about the quality of the list rather than
the volume.

I don't like the idea of a "kaffe-user" list.  Really, at this point,
Kaffe doesn't have a whole lot of regular users.  Most day-to-day Java
developers find their needs adequately met by Sun's JDK, so we don't
have many in that category.  I think our main user base is primarily the
folks that have special requirements for a JVM (embedded use,
less-common processors, research use) - so they all tend to
automatically fall into the developer bucket anyways.

As for a Japanese list - it might be a good idea.  I've noticed in the
past that there seems to be a fairly large Japanese-only developer
community that tends to stick to projects that are run in Japanese (for
various reasons, European developers seem to be more comfortable with
projects run in English-only).

I might be open to setting up a "kaffe-jp" mailing list.  But I don't
really want to do it if nobody ever uses it -- there are a lot of
languages out there.  Unlike Sourceforge, I have to do everything
manually.  I don't want to have a lot of inactive, unmaintained mailing
lists.  They're a lot of work.

Also, I won't be able to moderate it, since I don't know Japanese -
somebody would have to volunteer to do that.  We get a lot of attempted
spam postings.  Also, I think the volunteer should also volunteer to
translate a portion of the website (or at least the
subscribe/unsubscribe information).


 - Jim

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