[kaffe] compiling for m68k with optimization works.

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Fri Apr 25 08:43:01 PDT 2003

> > 2) Support how many versions of linux?
> > After just browsing source code of ifaddrs_linux.c, my feeling tells
> > me this software use some new features available in linux (netlink
> > and netpacket). If we really merge this when we use kaffe on linux,
> > we have to limit the supporting versions on linux. Am I right?


> I see five options:
> a) Tell people to upgrade to latest glibc on linux (only ipv4)

We could have configure make the suggestion, but lets not require it.

> b) drop the replacement getifaddrs code (i.e. just use the dummy functions if
> getifaddrs is not found) (no ipv4 or ipv6 at all ;)

Nah, just update the test of when the replacement code is used, it 
already works for plenty of systems at the moment.

> c) use USAGI for ipv6 capable getifaddrs (ipv4, ipv6)

This is the original source of the replacement code, although its probably 
a bit out of date.

> d) improve the replacement function further until it works on older systems,
> too
> (ipv4, ipv6)


> e) use something to abstract from the networking layer, like GNet [2].

ugh, less dependencies please ;)

> According to the glibc 2.3.2 README it is supposed to run on 2.X versions of
> linux, on most processors (with a few 64 bit exceptions, that require a 2.4
> kernel).
> > Because, I just browse the source and some make messages, I have
> > no idea what is best when we don't have netlink or netpacket on
> > linux. Suggestions please.
> I hope Tim will have some better suggestions than mine. ;)

Lets just add "linux/netlink.h" (and others) to the AC_CHECK_HEADERS list 
in the configure.in and add 'defined(HAVE_LINUX_NETLINK_H)' to the test in 

> cheers,
> dalibor topic

tim stack

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