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Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sun Aug 3 03:50:03 PDT 2003

Rob Gonzalez wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone here gotten jython 2.1 to run successfully on kaffe?

it used to, but right now I can't even run the installer anymore since 
it crashes. Here's some debugger output:

dispatchException(): java/lang/NullPointerException
java/awt/Toolkit.fntStringWidth has no handlers.
java/awt/FontMetrics.stringWidth has no handlers.
java/awt/Label.paint has no handlers.
java/awt/Label.setText has no handlers.
net/sourceforge/liftoff/installer/awt/InstallCard.showCopyOp has no 
net/sourceforge/liftoff/installer/items/FSInstallable.copyText has 3 
handlers (throw was pc=0x88d817c):
   Handler 0 covers 0x88d818c-0x88d81ce
   Handler 1 covers 0x88d8257-0x88d82d6
   Handler 2 covers 0x88d87f0-0x88d89f9
net/sourceforge/liftoff/installer/items/InstallableFile.install has no 
net/sourceforge/liftoff/installer/items/InstallableContainer.install has 
1 handlers (throw was pc=0x8902cf1):
   Handler 0 covers 0x8902cc0-0x8902cf8
   Handler at 0x8902cfd (handles 
net/sourceforge/liftoff/installer/AbortInstallException), does not match.
net/sourceforge/liftoff/installer/items/InstallableContainer.run has no 
java/lang/Thread.run has no handlers.

it crashes because JNIEnv env is garbled, and an attempt to call 
(*env)->GetStringChars fails since it's 0. Ouch.

The problems seem to have started with Tim's JVMPI patch. Kaffe from Sat 
Jul 26 16:55:40 2003 UTC just crashes after a while when runng the 
jythos-21 installer. The first crash with the same pattern is from Mon 
Jul 28 09:45:05 2003 UTC, since Guihem's patch fixed the first crash. 
Maybe they have an idea what's happening.

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