[kaffe] Kaffe 1.1.1 "Development" Release available for download

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Sun Aug 3 16:44:02 PDT 2003

I've made the 1.1.1 release of Kaffe available for download at:


As this is a development release, it is essentially a snapshot of
what's happening in CVS, with limited testing.  Even though this is
not a production release, it contains a lot of improvements over
1.0.7, which was release over half a year ago.  I anticipate that most
people will have less trouble with this release.

Here are some highlights of new things done since the last development

 * Much of the new bytecode verifier has been added (but not all of
   it).  Soon, we will be able to safely run untrusted code!
 * Lots of configuration/compile fixes, including: NetBSD, OpenBSD,
   Linux 2.0, Linux/S390, AmigaOS, OpenBSD/Sparc, Cygwin
 * Lots of class library fixes
 * Added JNI 1.2/1.4 features
 * The beginnings of JVMPI support
 * Some infrastructure for NIO support
 * Some successes: Eclipse (loads, doesn't completely work yet),
     Jetty w/JSP, Java-Gnome, Qt AWT under QTopia, Snark, hsqldb

We're going to try to stick to the schedule of doing a development
release every two months, culminating in a heavily tested "production"
release (1.2.0) in early 2004.

Bug reports, comments and patches are always welcome -- send them to
the team at kaffe at kaffe.org.

Have fun!


 - Jim

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