[kaffe] Jython

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Sun Aug 3 23:01:01 PDT 2003

Timothy Stack wrote:

>hi guys,
>CVS update and try again...  I'm able to run it, but I get an occasional 
>'java.io.IOError: Bad file descriptor', haven't looked into it though.  
>Also, it turns out the installer they use is broken and doesn't check for 
>errors when loading images.  So, if kaffe doesn't find a gif library 
>during configure the installer will get stuck and take a long time to 
>finally timeout.
Thank you for fixing that, it is a lot better. However, I still get two 
errors: when I instally
 jython kaffe crashes just before the end of the installation with an 
assertion failed on
 jthread_disable_stop (but _this_ is maybe an old issue), and 
WidgetsDemo gives NullPointerException
 in graDrawScaledImage (apparently the exception is raised in 
initScaledImage). I still don't
 know if it is linked to the introduction of JVMPI but it was working 
just before when I
commit the patch for the JPEG loader.


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