[kaffe] Pledge break...

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Tue Aug 5 19:13:02 PDT 2003


I've updated the website so that there is now a sponsorship link at the
top of the kaffe.org webpage.   I'm inviting people to sponsor the
website for a month at a time.  I tried to keep it somewhat discrete.

For the past year, since Transvirtual went under, Berkeley Signal Inc.
has donated $50 per month to communitycolo.net to help offset the costs
of keeping the server in a good co-location facility with good bandwidth
(in addition to donating the hardware).

I'd like to open up sponsorship of the site to others so they can help
share in the costs, which are really rather minimal.  I really want this
to be a community project, and I don't want it to appear that we're
selling out to anybody, or that there is some company behind the scenes
controlling things.  The monthly sponsorship is the simplest thing I
could think of.

Is this OK with everybody?


 - Jim

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