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Angel Antov aav at noos.fr
Wed Aug 6 11:28:02 PDT 2003


There is or "used to be" a fairly old port of Kaffe for Dos at

It's based on the 1.0.3b version of Kaffe so it lacks most of the 1.1/1.2
features of the
current CVS version.

Still it's fairly stable and works quite well. It has a java.net dos port
using the wattcp stack. Moreover
a lightweight version of the Tomcat Jasper Servlet/JSP compiler has been
ported as well. So it's perfect for
networking embedded devices.

I'va managed to run it under FreeDOS on a 486SX25 with 16mb of ram but even
8mb should be sufficent.

Unfortunately there is no AWT but as the xlib has been ported under DOS it
might be not that difficult to do it.

Porting the current Kaffe version under DOS would be a nice thing but i lack
time for this.

Angel Antov.

P.S : if the link is broken i might dig out the tarball from my archives and
send it to you!!!

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Hi, I need run a Java program in FreeDOS.

A link in the FreeDOS site
(http://www.freedos.org/freedos/links/) tell me that
Kaffe can help-me, but I don`t find more information and
I don`t find a Keffe for DOS binary in Kaffe site.

And another question, now abaut the Kaffe: if I use it in
DOS (FreeDOS) what kind of Java programam I can run?

Sorry for my poor english and Thanks for your help!

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