[kaffe] Feature request: Moveable Kaffe installation

Markus Maier mle at neze.de
Thu Aug 7 08:12:01 PDT 2003


I observe kaffe for a few month and it seams that my software 
may run on kaffe in the near future; and now I have to make a
feature request:

	Please make the installation of kaffe moveable;
	i.e. don't use a fixed "prefix" variable in the wrapper 
	scirpts, but calculate its value in some way.

All JRE's I used on Linux since 1.0.2 from SUN, blackdown or IBM,
have installations directories which are moveable without any 
problems, but for kaffe I have to edit all this scirpts to make
its installation moveable.

Kind Regards

mle at neze.de

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