[kaffe] Old dirs in classpath?

Fabio.di.Fabio abel at lmib.org
Fri Aug 8 08:23:02 PDT 2003


I'm compiling james (a SMTPD) with kaffe.
The build process uses ant and I've set ant to use jikes as compiler
but the process hangs on the first compilation due to a non existent
that I think ant passes to jikes

/home/abel/usr/kaffe/share/kaffe not found.

this dir is not in my installation, and I remember it was there before
kaffe has jdk compatibility scripts, and now I think it should be like
/home/abel/usr/kaffe/jre/lib , isn't?

Looking around I've also found that install-jar is bogus for the same
reason, infact it tries to store jar in classdir=${prefix}/share/kaffe

I'll try to investigate these problem, and every help is welcome.


Don't throw anything out of the windows,
but throw Windows out of everything. (abel)

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