[kaffe] Re: Old dirs in classpath?

Fabio.di.Fabio abel at lmib.org
Mon Aug 11 02:40:03 PDT 2003

Dalibor Topic wrote:

> Fabio.di.Fabio wrote:
>> file:/home/abel/usr/cvs/james-server/build.xml:211:
>> /home/abel/usr/kaffe/share/kaffe not found.
> thanks for the bug report. that's a bug in ant, unfortunately. It tries
> to find kaffe's rt.jar in the old (1.0.6 style) path and has a few extra
> lines dedicated to making kaffe work, that are now broken.

Thanks, I've modified ant source so that it does treat kaffe like a regular
>jdk1.1 and it works, it was enough to comment out some kaffe related code,
but this works for new kaffe filesystem layout, so for back compatibility
we have to check the version of kaffe.

> quick fix is to link share/kaffe  to jre/lib . Helmer can supply the
> details of the bug if you are interested ;)

I'll make a patch and submit it to ant developers, so I've to be sure if
version 1.0.6 is the last with the old stile path, anyone can confirm this?


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