[kaffe] regeneration of Klasses.jar.bootstrap needed?

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Mon Aug 11 23:19:02 PDT 2003

Rob Gonzalez wrote:

>Hi all,
>Here's the error I get when attempting to build a fresh CVS checkout of
>kaffe where KJC has no access to a pre-build rt.jar.  I suspect that the
>addition/removal of classes during the gnu merge or serilization merge in
>the last couple of days is responsible, but am unfortunately not 100% sure
>what to do about it myself :(
Thanks. I have not checked to compile rt.jar with kjc yet. So I just need to
add gnu/java/lang/reflect/TypeSignature.class in bootstrap.classlist and
update Klasses.jar.bootstrap.


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