[kaffe] JAPI-Testresults offline

Stuart Ballard stuart.ballard at corp.fast.net
Wed Aug 13 07:24:02 PDT 2003

[oops, forgot to reply to list first time]

Torsten Hübscher wrote:
> Hi all!
> The links to JAPI-Tests like
> http://rainbow.netreach.net/~sballard/japi/htmlout/h-jdk12-kaffe.html
> fail.
> It seems they (at least temporarily) closed down their site.
> Could "sballard" help out?

I'm afraid I was required to shut down the page on very short notice (I
think I did send email to the list about this, but it may have bounced).

I can still produce the results but I have nowhere to host them. If you
or anyone else can provide an ftp (or ssh/scp/sftp) account with enough
space, I can upload them. In fact, I could upload the whole japitools
website - and if desired, repoint japi.sab39.org (which was the official
URL anyway) to the new box.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Stuart Ballard, Senior Web Developer
FASTNET - Web Solutions
(215) 283-2300, ext. 126

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