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Tue Aug 19 06:15:02 PDT 2003

Hi jimmy,

jimmy a. ford wrote:
> I've just started working with Java. Namely Kaffe.  I've downloaded some
> java examples from the internet some worked, but the other ones had an
> error looking for "classes". Can you tell me where I can find a good
> Java tutorial that matches yours.

I'll cite from the kaffe.org web page:

Kaffe is not the best Java virtual machine for developing Java 
applications, as it lacks much in the way of documentation, 
compatibility, debugging/profiling support, etc. If you are learning 
Java, or are looking for a complete Java development environment, you 
will probably be best served by using a "real" Java development 
environment (such as the JDK) licensed from Sun. Check out our links 
page for more information.

basically, if you're learning java, you should use Sun's, IBM's or 
Blackdown's JDK, since it comes with lots of documentation, tools and so 
on. Kaffe is quite useable if you know Java already, but I wouldn't 
recommend it for someone learning the language.

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