[kaffe] Re: RMI bugs and quirks

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Tue Aug 19 11:40:03 PDT 2003

Jeremy.Buisson at irisa.fr wrote:

>This is exactly the problem I met. This comes from the 
>java.io.ObjectInputStream class. In facts, the one you merged from Classpath 
>is not the latest version from CVS, and still contains bugs. The one that 
>interests us resides in the readClassDescriptor() method : to load the class, 
>it uses resolveClass(String), which seems to be non-standard, instead of the 
>resolveClass(ObjectStreamClass). Doing so inhibits the redefinitions of the 
>method in derivated classes (such as RMIObjectInputStream). RMI shows this bug 
>because it redefines the resolveClass(ObjectStreamClass) in particular in 
>order to extract annotations from the object stream. The thrown exception only 
>means that this : annotations have not been read.
>It seems that the latest version of java.io.ObjectInputStream in Classpath's 
>CVS fixes at least this bug. I started to integrate it in my local Kaffe, but 
>it seems like I made it a bit too fast :-/ I still have not looked for 
>dependencies upon other classes that are still not present in Kaffe.
Please ! Do not reverse ObjectInputStream from Classpath it is really 
buggy. I will fix the Serialization/RMI
problem asap using the new logic. In fact I added resolveClass(String) 
to be a little quicker but as it seems
it is breaking things I will fall back to a standard behaviour. 
Serialization in Classpath is not clean
at all for serialization.


P.S.: I was out today so I did not make so much work.

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