[kaffe] peers and profile

Stephane Meslin-Weber twiun at adorphuye.com
Thu Aug 21 02:04:02 PDT 2003

>> As I myself am working on two separate sets of AWT peer 
>> implementations (framebuffer and peered Qt/Embedded), I'd really 
>> appreciate it if we could treat such peer implementations as 
>> self-contained jar extensions with their build separate from kaffe's.
>Cool. Where do you have the code so I can work with you on it.

I need to clean up the fbAWT code (licenses/documentation) before I put
it out for general release :) as it's not particularly neat at the
moment. There's also two utilities without which testing would be
cumbersome - a virtual framebuffer and a virtual touchscreen - that I
need to complete. I should hopefully have that done soon.

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