[kaffe] Kaffe Party/Documentation/Tools/Pizza/Development fund?

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Fri Aug 22 17:44:02 PDT 2003

Toad wrote:

> So the question I wonder about is whether money would be of any use to a
> different project, one that I personally would give moderate amounts if
> it produced a clear benefit. Since what we did is out of the question,
> not having an unemployable programmer in your mist (stupid me for not
> going to university... I'd have fucked it up though...), is there
> anything else that it could be used for?

I can think of lots of fun ways to blow some money.  Some ideas: 
t-shirts, mugs, pizza, beer, hardware.  I'm not sure how to make that
translate into a clear benefit (eg. quality code) though.  Beer might
actually be counter-productive.  :-)

We could try to do some "marketing" - eg. go to various conferences and
do presentations.  That might attract some more developers.

I remember that, a few years ago, cosource.com seemed had a tiny bit of
momentum doing the free software bounty thing, but it seems to have

> > If somebody did want to give money, I'm sure some contributors might be
> > able to use it.  Since a lot of work is being done on Kaffe in an
> > academic environment, maybe a scholarship would be a nice thing to be
> > able to offer to some starving student...
> Well, I would like to give some money, if there was a use for it.
> What's a scholarship, exactly? Paying the full $50,000 tuition fees for
> somebody to go through uni? That could pay my personal salary for three
> years, or a typical UK programmer's for a year. So I presume you meant
> something else :)

The only "scholarship" I ever got was one-time grant of $2500 (CDN$)
from the British Columbia government when I got out of high school.
Every bit helps - that's equivalent to a lot of hours of working at
Starbucks for minimum wage.  I think "grants" to non-students would be
cool too.

Personally, I'm not too motivated to set up anything that involves
paperwork.  But if somebody wants to put up some seed money for a grant
or scholarship of some sort, and it could be done through some other
organization (eg. Freenet, FSF, SPI, OSDL, OPG, etc.), I think that
would be really cool.  We could definitely do a webpage for it and/or an


 - Jim

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