[kaffe] [1.1.1] patch to fix --with-awt=qt, problem w/ applets

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Aug 26 08:58:02 PDT 2003

Hi Bero,

Bernhard Rosenkraenzer wrote:
> Hi,
> we've just added Kaffe to Ark Linux.

great news ! I've just added Ark Linux to kaffe's homepage ;)

> We've had to patch a couple of things to get it to do work as we expect:
> 1. --with-awt=qt doesn't compile (Qt 3.2.0, gcc 3.3.1)
>    The problem is confusion about CheckException() vs. ExceptionCheck()

thanks, Mark Wielaard already sent the same patch in, I've just been a 
little slow with checkoing patches in recently.

> 2. If both qt and qt-mt are installed, kaffe uses qt unconditionally.
>    Preferring qt-mt is probably preferrable because that's what KDE uses 
>    and therefore it's usually in memory [I assume that people who want
>    --with-awt=qt are mostly KDE users]

thanks a lot, checked in. could you proceed the patch to Geoffrey 
Wossum, the original author from the autoqt project? 

> Patches attached; works nicely now for a couple of test apps I've tried.

more good news :)

> Has anyone succeeded in using kaffe for Java applet handling in Konqueror 
> yet? On my box, it displays "Loading Applet", the and the throbber keeps 
> turning forever.
> Running appletviewer on a sample applet [any applet I've tried] results in
> tlkProperties
> qapp initialization.

I haven't tried running qt-awt on applets myself. I've looked at getting 
konqueror to load java applets using kaffe a few monhts ago. See this 
mail for what I found to be problematic back then: 

The swing and security issues are still there, basically. Some 
developers are working on getting kaffe's AWT backends to work with 
Classpath, that would allow kaffe to use Classpath's swing 
implementation, but it's incomplete to my best knowledge.

If you need java for KDE for your distribution, and know your way around 
  Konqueror's and kdejava's sources, it may be possible to find a way to 
display applets using a simple AWT Frame, instead a JFrame. I'm not very 
familiar with kde's sources so I hope you have some better ideas ;)

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