[kaffe] Under which license stands Kaffe´s-Classpath?

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at web.de
Wed Aug 27 06:16:01 PDT 2003

Hi there!

I´ve ported kaffe´s AWT to GCJ so that it is now possible to create 
standalone native awt-based apps.
Maybe even kaffe could profit, because if bugs or improvements are done 
by GCJ-people, these improvements are still copatible to kaffes awt.

The problem is, that I ever thought, that Kaffe´s Classpath stands under 
LGPL, but in the AWT-Files is a license-notice that points me to GPL2 
(maybe the link is wrong).
Does that mean its not legal to use proprietary awt-apps with kaffe?

GCJ´s classpath stands under a special GPL license which allows 
commercial companies to link against libgcj withought making their code 
gpl, but its not allowed to modify the libgcj-code and sell it withought 
GPLing the result (like this is possible with LPGL).
It would be really important for me that my ported version stands under 
the same license as GCJ´s classpath or LGPL.
Who is the owner of this code?

lg Clemens

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