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Casey Marshall rsdio at metastatic.org
Mon Dec 1 01:35:03 PST 2003

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>>>>> "Dalibor" == Dalibor Topic <robilad at kaffe.org> writes:

Dalibor> The next step is to update Jessie to 0.9.5. I've tried to do
Dalibor> that by re-merging the source code in, but that fails to
Dalibor> build unless kaffe has been built with GNU Crypto, since it
Dalibor> depends on some classes from gnu.crypto that are not in
Dalibor> kaffe's CVS [1].

I suggest re-syncing the javax.* packages that come with Jessie, and
omitting the org.metastatic.* packages. These parts are completely
independent, and the former has no dependencies on any external
software. Plus I don't see any reason why these classes will change
drastically; they are quite abstract and simple, and I think they are
mostly correct as-is. The CVS sources for these are what you should
use, by the way, as a few bugs are fixed there.

It was looking as though the javax packages would become a part of
Classpath, and that Jessie would just comprise the org.metastatic
packages, but I haven't heard any definitive answer yet.

Dalibor> So I'd propose removing old Jessie sources from kaffe's CVS,
Dalibor> and using a --with-jessie argument like for GNU
Dalibor> Crypto. Casey, maybe you could take a look at the
Dalibor> gnu-crypto.m4 macro from Raif in kaffe's CVS, and adapt it
Dalibor> for Jessie? It would make intergration of jessie during the
Dalibor> build process simpler into other VMs as well.

I will take a look.

Dalibor> The only trouble with those is that you need the jar files to
Dalibor> be built already before you can build kaffe with them. That
Dalibor> means someone building kaffe with jessie without access to
Dalibor> the jar files would first have to build kaffe, then build GNU
Dalibor> Crypto with kaffe, then rebuild kaffe with gnu crypto, then
Dalibor> build jessie with kaffe with gnu crypto, and then rebuild
Dalibor> kaffe with gnu crypto and jessie. Sounds inefficient ;)

Is it possible to add the source trees from these projects into some
'upstream' directory of javalib, and compile them along with
everything else, based on config flags?

And by 'possible' I mean 'not a complete pain in the ass'.

Or: is there any plan to add an extension directory to Kaffe?
Analogous to the ext/ directory in other JREs?


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