Atomic COMPARE_AND_EXCHANGE (Was: Re: [kaffe] NetBSD/68k asm error!!)

Tony Wyatt wyattaw at
Sun Dec 7 18:54:01 PST 2003

Hi Kiyo,

On  8/12/2003, you wrote:

> Right. I am (partially) guilty. Usually, deleting optimization can solve
> this problem. Well, I will make another business trip (this time to
> west coast), and when I come back to Japan, I will turn my NetBSD
> system up and check it.
I don't think it's your fault. If anything, it's mine, since it seems to be
happening in the area that I patched back in March. However, Dalibor's
latest patch seems to be doing the job. We're awaiting Riccardo's findings.


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