[kaffe] ByteToCharEUCJP/CharToByteEUCJP

Atsushi Nemoto anemo at mba.ocn.ne.jp
Sat Dec 13 08:06:02 PST 2003

>>>>> On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 12:01:49 +0900, Ito Kazumitsu <ito.kazumitsu at hitachi-cable.co.jp> said:

ito> OK, I think now is the time to throw away the old
ito> ByteToCharEUCJP/CharToByteEUCJP.

ito> Those who need EUC-JP may almost certainly be those who have
ito> libiconv, I think.  So we can simply delete the conversion
ito> tables.

I agree.  I see the changes are in CVS now.  Thank you.
Atsushi Nemoto

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