[kaffe] Kaffe 1.1.3 "Development" Release available for download

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Mon Dec 15 06:13:02 PST 2003

On Tue, 9 Dec 2003 10:07:54 +0900 (JST)
Kiyo Inaba <inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp> wrote:

> Jim,
> You said,
> >I've just been informed that Nihonsoft doesn't have the best reputation
> >in Japan in the free software community, and may be involved in some
> >activities that violate the GPL.  I don't know the whole story, since I
> >can't read Japanese.
> Any pointers?
> Fortunately, I can read Japanese :-)

There's been a fair amount of private emails on this that haven't been
forwarded to the list.

Nihonsoft got back to me with a response, which I asked if I could
forward.  I posted it to the new kaffe-siteadmin at kaffe.org mailing list:


Again, just because we accepted a sponsorship doesn't mean that we are
offering any type of endorsement to the people making the donation.

We've got several offers from people that would like to sponsor the site
for the next few months.  We'll have to figure out the best way to
handle the offers - I'd like to keep the whole sponsorship program
low-key, and non-controversial.  Our costs are pretty low, after all.

Feel free to continue the discussion on the new
kaffe-siteadmin at kaffe.org mailing list (I've set the Reply-To: header).


 - Jim

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