[kaffe] Kaffe 1.1.3 "Development" Release available for download

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Tue Dec 16 06:08:02 PST 2003

Thanks Fu,
>The Nihonsoft homepage is at http://www.nihonsoft.jp , it is in Japanese.
>please take a look at it and tell us how you feel. Thanks!

Yes, I knew this page. For the benefit of persons who can not understand
(or does not trust machine translation tools available on the net), I
will make summary based ONLY on these pages.

This company develops E-commerce software called 'YenPot' and (will)
distribute it under GPL license. They also make IDE for E-commerce
server centric application written in Java.

In the site map page (http://www.nihonsoft.jp/site_map.htm), they have
a link to 'kaffe.org' (precisely speaking it is written as 'KAFFE.ORG',
anyway doesn't matter so much).

One more additional link is to 'nihonlinux.jp' which will be dsitributed
under a license called 'Common Good Public License'. You can see the
license in 'http://www.ggpl.org/'. As far as this license is concerned,
you may be able to understand the contents because it is written in

The relationship between nihonsoft and nihonlinux.jp is not clear from
their page.

Fu, could you please take a look at CGPL page and tell us, kaffe
developpers how you feel this license?


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