[kaffe] bug: java.awt.Component.getComponentOrientation() is missing

Matthias Pfisterer Matthias.Pfisterer at web.de
Thu Dec 18 23:49:01 PST 2003


subject say it all...
Here is an example program:
import java.awt.Component;
import java.awt.ComponentOrientation;
import java.awt.Label;

public class ComponentOrientationTest
	public static void main(String[] args)
		Component c = new Label();
		ComponentOrientation co = c.getComponentOrientation();

The error I get is:
 >/usr/local/kaffe/bin/javac ComponentOrientationTest.java
ComponentOrientationTest.java:10: error:Cannot find method 

This error does not happen with javac of the Sun JDK 1.4.2.


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