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Mon Feb 3 09:34:02 PST 2003

Hi Timothy,

--- timothy_christensen at sonymusic.com wrote:
> I am looking for a java vm that is as small as
> possible and platform
> independent, but windows support is a must.  Kaffe
> seems to be a great
> solution to my challenge.  I was wondering if
> version 1.0.7 is available
> for windows development, and if not do you know of
> any possible solutions.
> I read somewhere that it is possible to compile the
> j2me vm for desktop
> development but that does not seem to be a very
> popular solution.  Any
> ideas would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

Currently there are two ways to run kaffe on windows:
a) using Cygwin
b) using KaffeCE

a) is currently broken, but a patch exists that fixes
a lot of the problems. See
for more information on current Cygwin status.

b) is only kaffe 1.0.6 for WinCE devices, and maybe
NT. It needs someone with interest in the windows
platform to merge it into our current tree, or upgrade
it to 1.0.7. It apparently also contains fixes for
several issues plaguing Cygwin so a merge effort would
be most appreciated. I could provide some assistance
on the Cygwin side of things. I don't have MS Embedded
VC++ set up yet, so I can't tell how easy that would
be to do with the latest set of sources.

More info on kaffeCE is available at

As a bit of motivation, compiling current kaffe's
class library with the minimal profile, i.e. only
classes needed to compile java.lang.Object creates a
rt.jar that's about 350K. You could get it smaller by
throwing away debug information. You can quite easily
customize the class library for your needs. Check out
FAQ/FAQ.classlibrary-compile in the latest sources
from CVS.

best regards,
dalibor topic

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