[kaffe] Re: flestmail - daily - 36/641 passed (5.6%) (0 errors, 605 failures)

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Mon Feb 3 10:16:01 PST 2003

Dalibor wrote:
> --- Flest Pseudo-User <flest at flux.utah.edu> wrote:
> > PASS: HelloWorldApp.class.save
> > FAIL: HelloWorldApp.java
> > KAFFE_FLEST: No failure file?
> this is weird. Any idea what's happening?

It is weird.  It looks like make check is failing to compile any
tests.  It even looks like the error is not from the compilation
itself, but from the loading and execution of kjc.
	error compiling:
	java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/ExceptionInInitializerError
	        at at.dms.kjc.Main.parseArguments(Main.java:244)
	        at at.dms.kjc.Main.run(Main.java:113)
	        at at.dms.kjc.Main.compile(Main.java:69)
	        at at.dms.kjc.Main.main(Main.java:60)
	FAIL: HelloWorldApp.java

(Its the exact same error for every subsequent test.)

Here's the compilation command line:
/foo/z/flest/testdir/kaffe_flest/--with-engine=jit3/obj-kaffe_flest/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe-bin at.dms.kjc.Main -classpath ".:/foo/z/flest/testdir/kaffe_flest/kaffe_flest/kaffe/test/regression::.:/foo/z/flest/testdir/kaffe_flest/--with-engine=jit3/obj-kaffe_flest/libraries/javalib/rt.jar:/foo/z/flest/testdir/kaffe_flest/kaffe_flest/kaffe/libraries/javalib/kjc.jar" -d . /foo/z/flest/testdir/kaffe_flest/kaffe_flest/kaffe/test/regression/HelloWorldApp.java

The "::" and duplicate "." look a bit odd, but the paths to rt.jar and
kjc.jar are correct.  Removing the "::" and redundant . don't fix

Ah, its because java/lang/ExceptionInInitializerError really can't be
found.  Its not in rt.jar...


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