[kaffe] 6 failed dependencies

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 6 03:18:01 PST 2003

Hi Calvin,

--- cal kaiwen <cal_kaiwen at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I tried to compile kaffe on Linux machine, and I got
> the following errors.
> [root at users Users]# rpm -ivh kaffe-1.0.5-6.i386.rpm
> error: failed dependencies:
>         libICE.so.6 is needed by kaffe-1.0.5-6
>         libSM.so.6 is needed by kaffe-1.0.5-6
>         libX11.so.6 is needed by kaffe-1.0.5-6
>         libXext.so.6 is needed by kaffe-1.0.5-6
>         libjpeg.so.62 is needed by kaffe-1.0.5-6
>         libpng.so.2 is needed by kaffe-1.0.5-6
>         libungif.so.4 is needed by kaffe-1.0.5-6

I suggest using http://rpmfind.net to find the rpms
you don't have installed.

Judging by the error messages, you seem to lack some
kind of XFree86 developement package from your
distribution. RPMs often come in a "user" and a
"developer" package. Make sure you install both for
the required libraries.

Thanks for pointing out curently broken links in
FAQ.requiredlibs. Could you go a google search, and
post some updated links? Then I'd incorporate it into
the new version of the file.

By the way, is there any specific reason why you want
to use kaffe 1.0.5? The latest version is 1.0.7 (which
 does not compile on current RedHat & Mandrake, fixed
in the current CVS), and is quite a bit ahead of

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