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Thu Feb 20 08:48:01 PST 2003

Hi Zhu,

--- zhu xueyin <otten167 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> dear Sr.
> i am a student in uni-duisburg. now i am doing my
> pre-master thesis. i want to install kaffe on our
> test
> board(intel XScale microarchitecture with the pxa250
> arm-processor).

If you are using kaffe on arm-linux, you can get the
current version from the CVS, which has some arm fixes
(the interpreter works, which is quite usefule when
porting and debugging it ;). Then I assume you should
cross compile and move the resulting files to the

Mind you, kaffe from CVS tends to be unstable, as it's
under constant developement. You could try cross
compiling 1.0.7 first, and if that doesn't work for
you use the CVS sources.

I compiled kaffe from CVS on an ipaq (arm-linux with
intrp) without problems a few days ago. Both the jit
and the interpreter show some bugs on arm-linux that
you can see exposed by running make check if you're
compiling on arm-linux.

I'm not developing on embedded systems, so if the
advice above is too generic, wrong or doesn't really
help in your case, just ask again on the mailing list.
There are some embedded developers hanging out here.

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