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Fri Feb 21 01:53:01 PST 2003

CVSROOT:	/cvs/kaffe
Module name:	kaffe
Changes by:	dalibor	03/02/21 01:51:11

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog Makefile.am Makefile.in configure 
	config         : config.h.in 
	include        : Makefile.am Makefile.in 
	libraries/clib/io: FileInputStream.c FileOutputStream.c 
	libraries/clib/native: Method.c 
	libraries/clib/net: Makefile.am Makefile.in 
	                    PlainDatagramSocketImpl.c PlainSocketImpl.c 
	libraries/javalib: Makefile.am Makefile.in bootstrap.classlist 
	libraries/javalib/java/lang: ThreadGroup.java 
	libraries/javalib/java/net: DatagramPacket.java 
	libraries/javalib/profiles/allatonce: all.files 
	libraries/javalib/profiles/default: core.files 
	test/regression: BadFloatTest.java ClassGC.java ClassGCTest.java 
	                 ExceptionTestClassLoader2.java GCTest.java 
	                 Makefile.am Makefile.in PipeTest.java 
	                 ProcessClassLockTest.java TestClassRef.java 
	                 ThreadInterrupt.java ThreadLocalTest.java 
Added files:
	include        : ifaddrs_compat.h 
	libraries/clib/net: NetworkInterface.c 
	libraries/javalib/java/net: NetworkInterface.java 
	replace        : Makefile.am Makefile.in getifaddrs.c 
	test/regression: CLInitThrow.java DateFormatTest.java 
	                 NetworkInterfaceTest.java SecureRandomTest.java 

Log message:
2003-02-21 Dalibor Topic <robilad at yahoo.com>

Merged more fixes from JanosVM 1.0.

2002-11-25 Monday 15:57  stack

* libraries/clib/native/Method.c: need to process the class if
invoke is being called on a static method

2003-01-02 Thursday 16:12  stack

* libraries/clib/io/FileInputStream.c: ops, don't dereference null

2002-11-25 Monday 15:57  stack

* libraries/clib/io/: FileInputStream.c, FileOutputStream.c:
IOException -> FileNotFoundException

2000-10-13 Friday 11:09  stack

* test/regression/: BadFloatTest.java,
ExceptionInInitializerTest.java, IndexTest.java,
InvTarExcTest.java, StackDump.java, TestCasts.java,
TestClassRef.java, burford.java, tname.java: Minor changes to make
them work better when run inside a team.

2003-01-29 Wednesday 16:57  stack

* test/regression/ClassGC.java: be specific about which part of the
test was successful

2002-07-05 Friday 16:25  stack

* test/regression/: ExceptionTestClassLoader.java,
ExceptionTestClassLoader2.java: alas, rename doesn't work on
oskit/moab...  therefore, we redo the loader so that it doesn't
rely on rename

2001-02-14 Wednesday 15:52  stack

* test/regression/ExceptionTestClassLoader.java: Rename the
ExceptionTest file back to its old name so that the test can be run
multiple times

2000-10-04 Wednesday 14:28  tullmann

* test/regression/: CLTestJLock.java, DieAfter.java, GCTest.java,
IndexTest.java, InvTarExcTest.java, Makefile.am, Makefile.in,
Preempt.java, ProcessClassLockTest.java, StackDump.java,
ThreadLocalTest.java, UDPTest.java: remove tests that won't work on
JanosVM; make all tests main threads wait for test to end; update
stack traces to include DieAfter frames

2001-02-14 Wednesday 15:52  stack

* test/regression/PipeTest.java: Flush stdout and wait for the
thread so that the test runs consistently

2000-10-29 Sunday 15:33  tullmann

* test/regression/ProcessClassLockTest.java: make more verbose

2002-03-17 Sunday 08:16  stack

* test/regression/ThreadInterrupt.java: fix an inner class

2001-03-05 Monday 14:47  tullmann
* test/regression/ThreadInterrupt.java: Remove the
dead-thread-interrupt tests.  They no good.

2000-10-29 Sunday 15:35  tullmann

* test/regression/ThreadInterrupt.java: test for interrupt on dead

2002-02-20 Wednesday 15:27  stack

* test/regression/ThreadLocalTest.java: don't lock a global dangit

2003-01-29 Wednesday 16:56  stack

* test/regression/: CLInitThrow.java, SensorsTest.java: first cut

2001-10-10 Wednesday 11:23  stack

* test/regression/: DateFormatTest.java, Makefile.am, Makefile.in:
date format test

2002-10-02 Wednesday 09:34  stack

* test/regression/: InetSocketAddressTest.java, Makefile.am,
Makefile.in: add InetSocketAddress test

2003-01-31 Friday 14:13  stack

* test/regression/NetworkInterfaceTest.java: If NetworkInterface
fails to initialize return the special 'skip' code (77), so the
test suite can tell the user that it was skipped.

2002-09-14 Saturday 14:57  stack

* test/regression/NetworkInterfaceTest.java: simple test of
java.net.NetworkInterface class

2002-06-03 Monday 15:07  stack

* test/regression/: Makefile.am, Makefile.in,
SecureRandomTest.java, WaitTest.java: add SecureRandomTest and

2003-02-20 Dalibor Topic <robilad at yahoo.com>

More merges with JanosVM 1.0.

2002-10-02 Wednesday 09:31  stack

* libraries/javalib/java/lang/ThreadGroup.java: add interrupt

2003-02-06 Thursday 11:08  stack

* libraries/javalib/java/net/NetworkInterface.java: minor changes
to satisfy kjc

2003-01-24 Friday 17:50  stack

* libraries/javalib/java/net/: InetSocketAddress.java,
NetworkInterface.java: need to prime the static objects so they
work in janosvm mode

2002-10-02 Wednesday 09:31  stack

* libraries/javalib/java/net/: InetAddress.java,
InetSocketAddress.java, MulticastSocket.java,
NetworkInterface.java, PlainDatagramSocketImpl.java,
SocketAddress.java: add some jdk1.4 things

2002-10-02 Wednesday 09:31  stack

* libraries/javalib/java/net/DatagramSocketImpl.java: add
joinGroup/leaveGroup for multicast

2002-09-14 Saturday 14:56  stack

* libraries/javalib/java/net/NetworkInterface.java: basic
implementation of java.net.NetworkInterface

2002-09-14 Saturday 14:56  stack

* libraries/javalib/: Makefile.am, Makefile.in: add

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