[kaffe] Debugging Kaffe during the build process

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Sun Feb 23 08:52:01 PST 2003

Hallo Michael,

--- Michael Franz <mvfranz at yahoo.com> wrote:
> When building javalib Kaffe crashes with an internal
> error.  I think it is related to a null pointer in
> gnu.regexp.CharIndexedString.java
> If I set KAFFE_DEBUG to gdb will it work?  I have
> tried and it seems to not.

KAFFE_DEBUG is ignored during the build, AFAIK. Here's
what you can do:

1. configure kaffe to build with a different java
compiler, and read FAQ.classlibrary-compile
2. install that version of kaffe somewhere
3. configure kaffe to build with javac =
"/path/to/installed/kaffe at.dms.kjc.Main" from the
newly installed kaffe
4. KAFFE_DEBUG should now work for the class library
compilation step

I'll try to add support for using a precompiled rt.jar
file soon, so it will be easier to just use a rt.jar
and fix the bugs exposed by the regression tests
instead of having to get the compiler to work first.

how's ir86-darwin coming along, btw?

dalibor topic

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