[kaffe] Kaffe CVS: kaffe iurly

Kaffe CVS cvs-commits at kaffe.org
Mon Feb 24 08:23:01 PST 2003

CVSROOT:	/home/cvs.kaffe.org
Module name:	kaffe
Changes by:	iurly	03/02/24 17:22:11

Modified files:
	.              : config.sub configure 
Added files:
	.              : cfg 
	config/lx      : common.h jit-i386.def jit-icode.h jit.h 
	                 jit3-i386.def jit3-icode.h threads.h 
	config/lx/linux: config.frag jit-md.h jit3-md.h md.c md.h 
	config/lx/oskit: README config.frag jit-md.h jit3-md.h 
	                 ld-oskit.sh md.c md.h mkimage.sh 

Log message:
config.sub 	forced to output lx-hp-linux
configure 	remove -Wall option not recognized by the LX compiler
cfg		wrapper for configure
config/lx	very temporary configuration files for LX

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