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Hi Yuxing,

I've cc:ed the mailing list.

--- Yuxing Qian <danke_judy at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hallo,
> thanks for your reply!
> I've tried cross compling the source 1.0.7 for

Try the current version from CVS, like I've said :)

> arm-linux, and successful 
> without any error. But when I run the kaffe on the
> board, the system said 
> the error msg bad intepreter permisson denied 
> again.
> I've search on google, someone said maybe it's coz
> the exercute permission 
> not correctly set. Is it right? I'm wondering, can
> you give me some 
> suggustion?

It could be the case. You may have to set execute
permission on the kaffe binaries if that's why they
fail. I'd recommend doing an install on your
i386-linux machine first, then looking at the
permissions, and checking that they are right when you
move the cross-compiled version to the board. And of
course: when you configure kaffe to reside in
--prefix=some-dir, you really have to put it in
some-dir/kaffe on the board or it won't work. Support
for using DESTDIR will come when we switch to libtool
1.5, i.e. when the next version of libtool is

If it turns out to be the reason for the problems
you're experiencing, please send an e-mail to the
kaffe mailing list, explaining the bug, and we'll try
to fix it. Generally speaking, the mailing list is a
better place to discuss cross compilation issues [1],
so I'm taking this thread back there. Contrary to
myself, some developers on the mailing list actually
have some experience cross-compiling kaffe ;)

btw, you've got an interesting e-mail address, do you
happen to speak German?

dalibor topic

[1] Kaffe in general, as I prefer to have the
discussion in public, archived where others having the
same problems can google for it and hopefully find it.
I'm not mirroring my personal mail to the world :)

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